Biobent Products

Revolutionary Bio-Composite

Biobent Polymers is gearing up to produce a line of bio-composite polymers with bio-based content ranging from 10%-40% or more. Biobent PP and Biobent PE are designed as a direct replacement for petroleum-based polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). Over time, Biobent Polymers plans to offer custom blends formulated to enhance material properties required for specific applications.

Put Biobent to Use

Plastic product manufacturers and converters who wish to evaluate Biobent bio-polymers; for use in their manufacturing process should contact Keith Masavage at or 877.748.0614 ext-701. Also available are evaluation kits, which include detailed product specification sheets and product samples.

License This Technology

In addition to offering bio-composite resins, Biobent Polymers intends to license this technology to polymer manufacturing and compounding partners. To obtain more detailed information contact Keith Masavage at or 877.748.0614 ext-701.


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